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  • Alonso’s Early Impressions of the Ferrari F-138
    (14 January 2015)
    Alonso’s Early Impressions of the Ferrari F-138 With the second round of practice taking place in Barcelona following the first round in Jerez one could be fooled into thinking Fernando Alonso had set up these sessions for his own personal advantage. Alonso’s attitude to the start of the sea...
  • Driving Simulator Experiences Explained.
    (14 January 2015)
    Driving Simulator Experiences Explained. Driving simulators are getting better and better, there is so much fun to be gained from just trying one. They are designed for anyone interested in racing and racing enthusiast love them. Here is the chance to race a Ferrari with the real sensation of fee...
  • Prancing Horse and Ferrari
    (13 January 2015)
    Prancing Horse and Ferrari This article tracks the derivation of the prancing horse logo associated with Ferrari and explains how it came into being. In 1923 Enzo Ferrari was racing at a racetrack in Savio in a place called Ravenna. Here he met Countess Paolina, the countess was the mother ...
  • Do Ferrari Track Days Save Lives?
    (13 January 2015)
    Do Ferrari Track Days Save Lives? In 1960 there were 7.2 million vehicles in the UK in 2011 there were 34.2 million that means there are now 5 times as many vehicles now on the roads. With this explosion of vehicles it is blatantly obvious that any attempt to race on crowded roads can easily r...
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